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Oracle Open World 2015

Por segundo año consecutivo, tuve la oportunidad de asistir a este gran evento y sin duda para mí fue aún mejor que el anterior. Nuevamente compartí estos días con mis colegas y amigos de S&P Solutions, quienes se encargaron de hacer el tiempo muy agradable. Mi viaje comenzó el domingo 25 de Noviembre, desafortunadamente me perdí

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Are you ready to be a private cloud service provider?

When defining what is a cloud service, we need to know that it is not a technology per se, but its an architectural and operational paradigm. It is a self-service computing environment offering the ability to create, consume and pay for services. In this architecture, computing resources are elastically supplied from a shared pool and charged based

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My journey on becoming an Oracle ACE (UKOUG Magazine)

Today is just a short post , as today an article done on me was published in the UK for UKOUG Oracle Scene on how I became an oracle ACE [iframe src=»″ width=»100%» height=»800″]